1. Plurality:
  2. We will try to summon the most diverse representation of contemporary society, to discuss the greatest diversity of concrete or abstract themes or issues that are at the center or parallel to the debate of Degrowth. We seek a balance between theoretical and practical debates, between knowledge and expertise. We will try to unify, in a dialogue and common work, researchers, teachers, artists, civil society, and technical, manual and practical artisans and producers. We want to achieve a balance of political ideologies: at least one-third of the speakers in the plenary will be members of degrowth, decroissance, decrescita, decrecimiento, postwachstum, descrecimiento, movements.

  3. Interculturality:
  4. We will try to achieve a balance of representatives of existing cultures: at least one-third of the speakers in the plenary will be representatives of the indigenous peoples of the world.

  5. Gender:
  6. We will try to achieve a gender balance: at least one-third of the speakers in the plenary sessions will be women.

  7. North-South representation:
  8. We will try to strike a balance of representatives from North and South countries: at least one third of the speakers in the plenary will come from countries in the South.

  9. Art:
  10. We will try to strike a balance between the thematic discussion and the artistic expression: at least one sixth of the time of the conference will be devoted to the presentation of artistic activities.

  11. Nationality:
  12. We will try to achieve a balance of representatives of the Nations of the world. An adequate balance between local and global perspectives: at least three out of four of the speakers in the plenary won’t be from Mexico.

  13. Multidisciplinarity:
  14. We try to convene speakers or groups of speakers who can do analysis and present alternatives on degrowth, with support in various disciplines or perspectives. We want papers and presentations that have an international dimension. The Call for papers will indicate this required feature.

  15. Participation:
  16. We encourage and support the active and inclusive participation of all the people involved in the organization of the Conference, through democratic processes, horizontality and fair treatment of participants. Respect for people's work, including voluntary work (hours of work, recognition), will be required and mentioned in the Conference Program.

  17. Self organization:
  18. We support the self-organization of those involved in various events at the conference, such as special sessions assemblies, symposia, seminars, conferences, workshops, working groups, videos, and exhibitions, inside and outside the Conference. The Conference Call will indicate the support we will offer to those interested in these activities.

  19. Ecological Sustainability:
  20. Measures will be taken to preserve the environment, in transportation, logistics, waste, and water and energy consumption, among other aspects. The Conference seeks to achieve a minimum ecological footprint per capita. In order to radically reduce the need for transportation, to have a nearby accommodation, the Conference will be held in the Historic Center of the City of México. We will encourage minimum use of electronic devices. Care will be taken while using the facilities and support devices and materials (organization and general arrangements of the Conference) Criteria of ecological sustainability and social equity will be applied when choosing the suppliers. Local and fair-trade suppliers will be sought, especially with regard to food. Attendees will be advised to bring to this Conference their reusable, washable, normal dishes, cutlery, cup, and glass for meals and coffee breaks. A warning on this will be included in the Call and in the Conference Program.

  21. Cooperation:
  22. We endeavor to cooperate with initiatives, proposals, and organizations that are close to the purposes or objectives of our Conference. We coordinate with the initiative of the ISEE International Conference, Mexico 2018. This effort will be indicated in the Call and in the Conference Program.

  23. Conviviality:
  24. We will support conviviality within the Conference: at least a fifth of the time of the Conference will be dedicated to free time that will allow the encounter and free development of talks and exchanges between the attendees. Times of conviviality will be indicated in the Program of the Conference.

  25. Innovation:
  26. We support new ideas, new issues, and new links: we avoid undue generalizations and general pronouncements or statements except at the beginning and end of the Conference, in order to unify problems or predicaments. This support for innovation will be mentioned on the Conference Call.

  27. Continuity and accumulation of knowledge with previous degrowth conferences:
  28. We support the construction and development of new ideas, based on the results of previous conferences, ensuring continuity and a cumulative process of creation of knowledge and expertise. We cooperate with the Support Group thorough a Liaison Committee.

  29. Frugality:
  30. We will prevent waste and unnecessary spending. Tecnofast will be encouraged: minimum use of mobile phones, computers and microphones. Restrictions will be indicated in the programme of the Conference.

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