I.- ¡Descrecimiento!

Individual and collective abandonment (departure) of economic ties among people: voluntarily reduce the influence granted to economic and technocratic power over social life; strive to eliminate our dependence from markets and money. A new economy must emerge as a result of a great social effort to relocate production and consumption. The social requirements based on conviviality, autonomy, solidarity, reciprocity, diversity and good living must subsume the economic sphere. Contemplate a way out of the economic religion and out of the cult of science and technology.

II.- Decolonization of the social imaginary

Schooling, media manipulation, entertainment, infrastructure, technologies, publicity, and daily consumption intensively colonize the social imaginary with economic values, ideas and concepts, which organize the destructive and alienated modern life. It is imperative to have the will to make profound changes in ways of life; it is essential to encourage this shift by reflection, by the desire to be free of modern addictions and above all, by actions to achieve this; by thoughtful and deliberate practice that allows this freedom as embodied possibility. The legitimacy of dominant values and manipulation must be contested through counter information and ingenious ideas against manipulation.

III.- Collaboration and dialogue for calm degrowth in the global North and South

Calm degrowth is indispensable in the North and in the global South. However, it must be realized in many very different ways. The general ideas require a local translation, an inflection to the culture of the country and its climate, history and circumstance. North-South dialogue and collaboration are indispensable for support, mutual inspiration and learning from each other. We think that the Decroissance- Decrescita- Decrecimiento, Postwachstum- Degrowth, movements, born in the countries of the North, can be enriched through dialogue with similar movements of the South, such as Descrecimiento, Buen Vivir, ecological swaraj (India), antiextractivismo or the African Ubuntu "I am that we are all"- Simultaneously, the multiple realities of the South can find new opportunities for alliance outside its borders, under the principle of moving forward on a common alternative as well as diverse and plural futures. We believe that the possibility of imagining and constructing alternative worlds requires a genuine and horizontal dialogue between different geographic, social and political realities. Another kind of modernity is possible! (H. Beck)

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