Still open: the submission platform for proposals of special sessions or individual papers will remain open

Published by Isabel Uriostegui - April March, 2January8

Due to the great interest to participate in the 2018 First North South Conference on Degrowth-Descrecimiento, México City, the submission platform will remain open until the quota of each social sector is covered, in order to guarantee diversity in the participation.

·       Academics of the North

·       Academics of the South.

·       Representatives of international organizations

·       Representatives of NGOs, and Civil Society, syndicates, municipalities and national enterprises of the global South.

·       Representatives of cooperatives, colectives and local movements

·       Students, writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, dancers, theater actors, artisans, small entrepreneurs, small merchants, neighbors.

·       Autonomous activists


ISSUE:  We appreciate the valuable support of the Friederich Ebert Stiftung-México, in the organization of this Conference

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Executive Commission of the Organizing Committee

Secretarial Support:  support@degrowth.descrecimiento.org

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