The Support Group of the International Degrowth Conferences is happy to announce three degrowth events for 2018. After the conferences in Paris (2008)

Published by Isabel Uriostegui - October 13, 2January7
The Support Group of the International Degrowth Conferences is happy to announce three degrowth events for 2018. After the conferences in Paris (2008), Barcelona (2010), Venice and Montreal (2012), Leipzig (2014) and Budapest (2016), in 2018 there will be:


1) 6th International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity: 'Dialogues in turbulent times'

Where: Malmö (Sweden)

When: 21-25 August 2018


This conference aims at expanding the geographical and thematic scope of degrowth discussions, as well as building dialogues with critical social theories, sciences and social movements. Malmö is a perfect city to host such a conference. Vibrant and mixed, but also relaxed and down-to-earth, it has a strong presence of alternative forms of organising and a varied cultural and grassroots life. We want this conference to further consolidate these and act as a platform for mutually enriching dialogues among groups from around the globe striving for a better world.

More info at: https://malmo.degrowth.org/

Find the calls for academics, activists and artists here (Deadline: 31st of December): https://malmo.degrowth.org/calls-for-participation/


Parallel to the 6th International Degrowth Conference, two complementary and twin events will take place:


2) The First North-South Conference on Degrowth: Decolonizing the social imaginary

Where: Mexico City (Mexico)

When: 19-21 June 2018


EN: The First North-South Conference on Degrowth will be held in Mexico City, supported by universities, NGOs, and social movements. It will be an occasion to open and continue in-depth debates around the dominant illusions on economic growth. These are already ongoing debates inside and across the societies that are on their way to become modern and developed as well as those 'excelling' in these aspects. For the first time, a Latin American country will host an international gathering on Degrowth, after five conferences in Europe and one in Canada. Decolonization of the imaginary, Survival, Cultures, and Wealth will be the main issues under discussion.


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