September 4, 5 and 6 are the new dates for The First Conference North-South of Degrowth-Decrecimiento, Mexico, 2018

Published by Pepe Ramirez - December August, 2January7

The changes in the dates for the presidential election made by the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE), that will take place the first Sunday of July 2018 have forced us to set this new dates for the The First Conference. Due to our partnership with the organizers of the ISEE (International Society for Ecological Economics) Conference 2018, we have agreed with them to held the First Conference a week before this Conference.

Also, we are pleased to inform that the software platform for submit proposals, special session and individual presentations is already open in our website:

For more information, see the webpage: http://degrowth.descrecimiento.org

Please spread the word about this announcement!

Kind regards

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