AQVA, desastre ambiental en un acto

Escenautas trick presents "AQVA, environmental disaster in an act" And a proposal of communication of the climatic change for the Descrecimiento / Decrecimiento. It is a comedy for spectators from five years old and up. It is conceived as a theater of the body with elements of pantomime narration based on technique. Jacques Lecoq and clown. The trick group of Escenautas conceived the show AQVA, environmental disaster in an act concerned by the increasing devastation of the biosphere.

The work reflected on the role of humanity in the environmental crisis. In addition to the aesthetic aims of stage art, it seeks to encourage public interest, particularly in children and young people, by engaging in activities that help stop the deterioration of the planet. Having the integrated works of the play in a larger project called AQVA Communicating climate change, the specific objectives are proposed:

  1. Raise awareness among the population about the importance of dealing with environmental, economic and health services co-responsibility water, sanitation, garbage collection, energy consumption and, in general, all processes of the cycle of circulation and consumption of goods and services.
  2. Promote environmental activities in schools and communities as collective actions of separation of waste, water and energy saving, cultivation of school and domestic gardens, among others. These activities are brought with a perspective of gender and inclusion, as well as strengthening cross-cutting issues such as the culture of peace, entrepreneurship and the capacity for economic self-management, identity and personal, social and environmental resilience.
  3. Disseminate knowledge about the problem of global warming and mitigation and adaptation strategies.
  4. Strengthen, with a gender perspective, general knowledge about the social use of water.

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